Top view of Nicole Conducting


Lou Harrison: Organ Concerto
Ian Dicke: Central Station for large ensemble
Neil Rolnick: Anosmia – for singers and ensemble
Luciano Chessa: A Heavenly Act (Opera)
Philippe Hersant: Musical Humors – concerto for viola and string orchestra
Phlippe Hersant: Songlines
Michèle Reverdy: Which Dreamed it?
Manly Romero: Doppelgänger – concerto for 2 violins, 2 trumpets and orchestra
Laura Schwendinger: Chiaroscuro Azzurro – concerto for violin and orchestra
Laura Schwendigner: Esprimere – concert for cello and orchestra.
David Conte: Sexton Songs (2009)
Noah Meites: Night Blooming
Philip Collins: Requies Ranarum for electronics, voice and ensemble
Luciano Chessa: Urlo di Pietra – dramatic oratorio
David Garner: Shards for chamber 0rchestra.
Aleksandra Vrebalov: Transparent Walls
Alden Jenks: The Soup for baritone and ensemble
Youg-Shin Choi: YX Unsquared
Daniel Brown: Sailing to Bysantium
Nicholas Vasallo: Expand the Hive for orchestra
Seunghee Suh: Ragnarök for large orchestra
Sungji Hong: Kiklos or large orchestra
Yanghee Kim: Accumulation in Dispersion for large orchestra
Sungi Kim: Durée or large orchestra
Gui Sook Lee: Rustlings or large orchestra
Bill Coulter: A Parcel from America for narrator and orchestra
Ryan Brown: Thick Skin
Chris Pratorius: Through a Crack in the Concrete for orchestra
Olga Neuwirth: Marsyas
Bruce Mather: Music for San Francisco
Henze: L’heure bleue
François Rose: Le temps scintilla
Jacques Desjardins: Volupté
Brian Cherney: Apparitions
Chan Hae-Lee: Rabbit Story; Chunhyangga; Heungboga
Laura Schwendinger: Lady Lazarus
Hi Kyung Him: Rituel III for dancer, Korean musicians and ensemble
Hanna Kulenty: Flute Concerto
Hi Kyung Kim: At the Edge of Time
Regis Campo: Popart
Dusan Bogdanovich: Game
Ian Dickensen: I Fear the New American Century
Paul Mackenzie: Broken Glass
Ryan Brown: The Red Priest
Fraser Smith: Wave Architecture
Richard Felciano: Cante Jondo
Lou Harrison: Easter Cantate – final version
Lou Harrison: Mass for Saint-Cecilia’s Day
Chan-Hae Lee: To Hwong Seong for Ponsori
Melisa Hui: Still
Michèle Reverdy: Concerto pour Orchestre
Elinor Armer: API Games
Alden Jenks: Sour Music
Alexandra Vrebalov: Sextet
Martha Horst: Elegy
Cindy Cox: Moon a bed to dream in
Qigang Chen: Instants d’un opéra de Pékin
Eric Sawyer: Under the Sudden Blue
Carolyn Yarnell: Smiling Madame Beudet
Lou Harrison: Mass for chorus and percussion
Hi Kyung Kim: Rituel II
Mario Davidovsky: Recit Andy
John Harbison: Chaconne
Wayne Peterson: Inscape
William O. Smith: Offanta
Hi Kyung Kim: Orange Pastel
Sunf-Jae Lee: Dalha Dalha
Lou Harrison: Mass for percussion and chorus
Dante De Silva: T.I.M.G.
Michael Schroeder: In Praise of Mary
David Cope: Symphony After Mozart
David Cope: Piano Concerto After Mozart
Jorge Liderman: Guitar Concerto
Henry Cowell: Suite, Dance of Sports, Heroic Dance
Gismonti: Ritmos e dancas
Barati: Light of Darkness for large orchestra
Henri Collet: Inviolata Maria, Missa Brevis in Pentecoste, Chants de Castilles
Lou Harrison: Strict Songs, New Moon & Holly and Ivy
Tailleferre: Images pour Huit Instruments
Jorge Liderman: Ancient Tales
Chris Pratorius: By the Sea
Ellen Harrison: La Cité du Globe Captif
Kevin Doe: Solstice Fragments
Jonathan Santare: Divertimento
Angela Jelliffe: The Chinese Teapot Teaches Patience
David Cope: Dedications for orchestra
Chris Pratorius: By the Sea for orchestra
Lou Harrison: Sanctus
Dimitri Yanov-Yanovski: Lux Aeterna
José Evangelista: O Bali
Billy Child: In the Light for orchestra and jazz ensemble
Kevin Doe: Crazy Jay Blue
Brian Banks: Forest Echoes
Eric Sawyer: Columbine
Marc-Anthony Turnage: Eulogy
Luciano Berio: Folksongs




Adamo: Little Women
Barber: A Hand of Cards
Bernstein: Trouble in Tahiti
Berg: Wozzeck
Bizet: Carmen
Blanchard: A Tale of God’s Will
Blanchard: Champion
Britten: The Turn of the Screw
Britten: Albert Herring
Britten: Midsummer Night’s Dream
Chan-Hae Lee: Back to the Origins (Korean World Premiere)
Conte: The Return of the Magi  (World Premiere)
Donizetti: L’elisir d’amore
Dove: Flight
Fairouz: The Dictator’s Wife
Golijov: Ainadamar
Glass: Orphée
Handel: Julius Caesar
Harrison: Rapunzel
Harrison: Young Caesar
Heggie: Dead Man Walking
Heggie: Great Scott
Hindemith: Hin und Züruck
Jones: Bardos  (Korean Premiere)
LeFanus: The Old Women of Beare  (Korean Premiere)
Machover: Death and the Powers
Maxwell Davies: The Lighthouse
Mechem: Tartuffe
Menotti: The Consul
Menotti: The Medium
Menotti: The Telephone
Mozart: Le nozze di Figaro
Mozart: Don Giovanni
Mozart: Die Zauberflöte
Mozart: Così fan tutte
Milhaud: Médée
O’Regan: Heart of Darkness
Portman: The Little Prince
Poulenc: Les Mamelles de Tirésias
Puccini: Gianni Schicchi
Purcell: Dido and Aeneas
Puts: Silent Night
Susa: The Love of Don Perlimplin
Susa: Transformations
Talbot: Everest  (Word Premiere)
Ward: Crucible
Weill: Street Scene

Nicole conducting



sound effects gunshot


Clarice Assad: Concerto

Joaquín Rodrigo: Guitar Concerto
Philip Glass: Harpsichord concerto
Kurt Rhode: Violin Concertino
Imbrie: From Time to Time, String Quartet No. 5
Imbrie: Chicago Bells
Berio: Folk Songs
Andre Previn: Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
Edgar Varèse: Déserts
Peter Sculthorpe: Nourlangie for solo guitar and ensemble
John Adams: Gnarly Buttons – concerto for clarinet
Ronald Caltabiano: Concertini
Darius Milhaud: La mort d’un tyran for mixed chorus and ensemble
George Crumb: Ancient Voices of Children
Sofia Gubaidulina: Concordanza
Terry Riley: Y Bolanzero
Toru Takemitsu: Rain Coming
Giya Kancheli: Midday Prayers
John Harbison: Abu Ghraib
Bright Sheng: Postcards
Frederic Rzewski: Coming Together
John Halle: Homage
Henry Cowell: Atlantis
John Adams: Scratchband
Philip Glass: Facades, with digital projection
Kaija Saariaho: Sept Papillons
Benjamin Britten: Les illuminations
Luciano Berio: Point on a Curb to Find
Toru Takemitsu: Tree Line
Frank Zappa: A Stranger at the Door
Dimitri Yanov-Yanovski: Lux Aeterna
Gavin Bryars; The Adnan Songbook
George Crumb: Quest
Hatzis: Fertiliy Rites
Frank Martin: Ballade for viola solo and orchestra (1972)
Alban Berg: Sieben Frühe Lieder (1905-08/1928)
Anton Webern: Fünf Sätze für Streichquartett (1909)
Olga Neuwirth: Torsion (2004)
Alfred Schnittke: Hymns for Chamber Ensemble (1997)
Anton Webern: Quartet opus 28 (1938)
Joseph Schwantner: Canticle of the Evening Bells (1975)
Arnold Schönberg, Kammersymphonie opus 9 (1906)
Olga Neuwirth: Spleen (2002)
Leon Kirchner: Trio II (1993)
Dutilleux: Les Citations (1991)
Maurice Ohana: Suite de ballet « Sundown Dance » (1990)
Kurt Weill: Cabaret Songs
Weill: Concerto for violin and wind instruments Op. 12
Jorge Lidermann: Swirling streams
Gubaidulina: Concordanza
Ligeti: Continuum
Ligeti: Hungarian
Lutoslawski: Chain I
John Adams: Chamber Symphony
Kaija Saariaho: Spins and Spells
Chan-Hae Lee: To Hwang Seong
Shulamit Ran: Concerto da Camera II
Chinary Ung: Grand Alap
Edgard Varèse: Intégrales
Dimitri Yanov-Yanoski: Lacrymosa, pour soprano et quatuor à cordes
Henze: An eine Äolsharfe
David Conte: Songs of Consolation
David Garner: Seven Nocturnes
Jean-Louis Florentz: Second Chant de Nyandarua, Litanies pour douze violoncelles, Op. 11
Tristan Murail: Attracteurs étranges (West Coast premiere)
George Benjamin: Upon Silence
Olivier Messiaen: Quatuor pour la Fin du Temps
Varèse: Octandre
Wolpe: Chamber piece no. 2
George Crumb: Ancient Voices
Eric Sawyer: Under the Sudden Blue
George Crumb: Ancient Voices
Takemitsu: Three film scores
Takemitsu: Rain Coming
Roberto Sierra: Triptico
Paul Hindemith: Kammermusik No. 1
George Perle: Serenade no. 3 for Piano and Chamber Orchestra
Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki: Kleines Requiem für eine Polka
Jorge Liderman: Guitar Concerto
Dimitri Yanov-Yanovski: Lux Aeterna

Nicole Paiement portrait